The Devil Wears Prada, Sister Party, + The first picture of me and Derek EVER


 Derek knows holidays are my favorite thing in the world so we dressed up as Willy Wonka characters. He is the best and so is that movie.

My sisters came to town for a sister weekend and

We went bowling on Saturday and Megan destroyed us all. I joked about how I can never break 100 and I literally got 99 points. 

We had an impromptu Hunger Games marathon. 

We also played some games and ate chips, guac, and fajitas.

Kendall and Natalie went to party with some of Kendall's college friends so Megan and I got to hang out for awhile. I always love just sitting and talking with Megan.

Derek brought home cinnamon crumb cake so we had that for breakfast in the morning.

 And it isn't a sister weekend without at least a few dance parties. Man, I am a spaz around my sisters.

And this is straight out of the vault. The first picture of me and Derek ever. This is from Halloween years ago. I look at this and I am just blown away by how much things have changed. Mostly my makeup applying abilities (I no longer put eyeliner on my nose).

Take my sister's advice and don't forget to take some rests throughout the day.

I love this video of Kendall on our way to Costco a few Saturdays ago. Sometimes you just need cold pizza from a Ziploc bag.

And last but not least, Derek quoted The Devil Wears Prada, so my work here is done.