Summer Travels + October Birthdays!

 We hit up Yellowstone with our friends Hailey and Raffa toward the end of the summer. It was my first time there. We had a good trip that included lots of music and lots of good conversations.

The below picture is not from that trip but it is an important family heirloom so I included it here for posterity.

 Also not from that trip, but I went on a baking spree one Sunday. But that's pretty much every Sunday. I have a problem.

(This buttery bundt bread was amazing though. And the pumpkin bread was good too! I can always count on my trusted food blogs.)

And back to Yellowstone.

We also hit up Jackson Hole with Derek's parents, which was a blast. They paid for us to ride the trams up to the top so we got to see everything. It was so beautiful and I was SO happy. It totally fulfilled my craving for travel that I seem to always have. We had hot chocolate at the top of the mountain.

The sun felt soooo good. It was so warm and lovely.

Getting ready to head back down.

I walked out to this surprise on the way to the gym on the 1st of October. Holidays are the best. 

I had to work a fancy dinner for work and Derek came along to work it with me.

He also got in some good bonding with our friend's baby. Look at that swaddling job! Next-level.

I wasn't feeling good one night and my mom somehow found out so she sent us dinner. From another state. She's just good like that.

Kendall left her water bottle at our apartment for the 12th time (I think she does this so she has an excuse to come back ;)

We celebrated DEREK'S BIRTHDAY. 

Oh and I went to the ballet with two friends from the ward. :)

Back to the birthday boy.

This restaurant gives free ice cream to people on their birthdays so Derek got a big bowl of huckleberry. He was so happy. We also stopped to get him a free birthday cookie at our favorite bakery after dinner. 

The morning spread.

We surprised Derek and our good friend Hailey with a big group dinner that night at a burger joint. We went back for cake and games afterward and had such a good time playing Salem! 

We love our friends!