Chocolate Chip Waffles and Sleepover Sundays

I'm so behind on the blog.

I have a mountain of pictures from this summer that I still need to upload, I feel like I haven't written enough about our honeymoon (almost two years ago now. . . wild), and I just feel a little bit behind in a few different areas. Like I'm trying to play catch up. And with the holidays coming up and getting gifts for the people I love being on my mind, I feel like the to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer. Will I ever have a week where I cross everything off?

No. :)

And while I'm still behind and this post doesn't really contribute to fixing that problem, I'm taking a pause and just writing to remember some little slivers of good from this past weekend. Because even though there's so much to do, I think the #1 thing on my to-do list that has to trump everything else is to enjoy and savor. I'll be so sad someday if I let the busyness keep me from enjoying my life. Having things to do is a blessing. Having things to do is such a blessing! I will miss these days. Savoring even amid the difficult times is one of my favorite ways to remember to see the good.

So here's to the chocolate chip waffles we made on Sunday morning, and here's to the mattress that we dragged out to the living room so we could have a movie night followed by a Madam Secretary marathon (a marathon that lasted about 2.5 episodes and had a nap somewhere in the middle). Here's to the extra few hours that we've gotten to spend together because of days off (bank holidays!!) and to the stragglers in our candy bowl that we're making last until Christmas candy comes. Here's to the little talks at the end of the days where we've both been busy running around doing different things and seeing different people where we both talk a mile a minute trying to catch each other up. Here's to the busy Tuesdays and the slow Wednesdays and the meetings and the due dates and the little details that make life rich and sweet and important.

Even if everything isn't getting done, something always is. And a lot of time the joy isn't in the checking off, but in the effort.

(Remind me of this at finals. Lol.)