Summer Catch Up

We had such a great summer.

Megan came to visit one weekend, and I soaked up every second of sister time I could get. (I need to convince Natalie to come spend the weekend with me now that Megan has come once and Kendall lives nearby.) We watched a new movie every night, went to the waterpark together one afternoon, and baked the day away. I savor each second of conversation I get with my sisters. (We made cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, banana bars, and coconut chex. Ahhh.)

We had the annual Dog Days of Summer BBQ at the office I work in. Work perk!

Derek and I went skating one night and out to dinner. It was so much fun to have some time just with him. His work schedule was busy this summer and I took 11 credits during the seven-week break (YIKES). It was nice to have this time just us.

Derek keeps killing it at work.

We volunteered on a Saturday at Derek's work and got put in charge of the foam pit. Hahaha. Kinda a ridiculous experience to be honest but pretty hilarious afterwards.

Stopped for Thai afterwards.

Had some candy game nights. Whoever lost had to eat a jellybean picked out by the other person. I'm still mad at him for picking a black licorice. That is just cruel.

Some post gym snaps....flash and no flash.

I went on a cake kick and made some on back to back weekends. The first was a yellow cake and the second was a peanut butter cake. We loved both!