Summer Catch Up Part 2

 We totally lucked out and got some visitors from Oregon!

My aunt texted me a few weeks prior to their visit and said they would be swinging through Rexburg as part of an amazing trip they were going on. They asked if they could take us to dinner, but since it was on a Sunday and everything in Rexburg shuts down on Sundays, I snagged the opportunity to have them over instead. We had SUCH a good time with them! It was pouring rain when they got in (literally, POURING) so we got them inside as quickly as possible. We had pork tenderloin, roasted broccoli, and Derek's famous fried rice for dinner. It was so fun to chat with them and catch up.

After dinner, I mistakenly thought the rain had passed and brought up the idea to go tour campus. It was very cold and still a little rainy, but they were good sports. Derek and Aunt Deana even got in a little ping pong at the MC.

Love them so much! I have the best aunts and uncles.

Derek and I went out to dinner at a place we'd never been in Rexburg. The food was just okay, but we had a great conversation about parenting and things from both of our lives growing up. (It did get a little tempestuous for a few minutes as we found something we disagreed on, but we talked it out and recovered quickly. It was good communication practice.)

A walk one evening through the campus gardens.

My amazing boss surprised me with this at lunch one day. So incredibly kind!

What a good summer. <3