Kendall Goes to College

It is so much fun having a sister at college. It's Kendall's freshman year and my senior year (WILD) and I have loved every second of showing her around a place I love so much. She totally doesn't need my help at all, but I give it anyway because who doesn't love unsolicited advice I tell you what!!

I feel like we will look back on this picture someday as the ultimate symbol of college. Kendall was having a busy homework night and Derek saved the day with dino nuggets and BBQ sauce.

One of the first weekends Kendall was here Derek had to work at the Parade of Homes. (He ran into one of his co-worker's friends there too so we snapped a pic.) Kendall tagged along with us and her and I had a lot of fun sneaking (ssshhh) into the homes and looking at the beautiful sunsets.

We found this little playhouse in one of the basements. I thought it was so darling.

We went to devotional together.

Met up in the library a different day.

And she even came over and made us soft pretzels one night.

From move in weekend.

Now if I can just get Natalie and Megan to move. Work in progress.