It's Tradition + I Wasn't Impressed, and a HUGE SURPRISE

*We started off the summer with our favorite activity: getting fro-yo. We're just really good at it. We jazzed things up this time by going on a walk through the park while eating. Derek even impressed me with his cartwheel capabilities in the park's big field. You learn something new about your spouse every day.

*For Family Home Evening we went on another walk and had a little budget meeting. We've been using a budget app to keep track of our income/spending and it has been really good for us. We are both savers (and I'm slightly paralyzed by spending...gotta work on that) but it's good to know where each dollar goes. Something tells me we'll be having meetings like this for the rest of our lives. :)

*Got sent this gem, which definitely put a smile on my face. 
(It's my grandma, littlest sister, and mom.) 

*Made a crazy amount of cookies to get ready to take on our upcoming trip to Washington (we spent the 4th with Derek's family up there!) 

*Headed off to Washington and spent a lot of quality time with this book on the drive. 
(I've been taking a course on the Bronte sisters.)

*We broke up the drive and stopped at a hotel on Wednesday night, and in the morning we stopped for a 4th of July donut (it's a tradition on my side of the family). 

*Made it to Washington and got to see some of our favorite faces.

*Met our beyond adorable nephew (seriously the smiliest baby in the world).

*Took some rides on the golf cart after our big 4th of July BBQ. We had steak, grilled asparagus, fruit, chips, cookies, and so many other goodies. My father-in-law knows how to throw a party. Kaylee (my SIL) and I went on a walk after dinner and it was nice to chat and get caught up on things about their life in Washington.

*We joined some family  at a parade and got grilled in the sun, but our nephew shared a bunch of his tootsie rolls with me so we call it a win.

*Saw some of the boys we used to teach in nursery when we lived in Washington. I just love this family so much. 

*Each night we went over to Kaylee and Makai's place to watch the new season of Stranger Things and it was a total highlight of the trip. I wasn't so in love with the new season (I thought the 2nd season was wayyyyy better) but it was so much fun to watch and analyze everything with them. Our little niece joined us on the last night and made sure Derek got plenty of Reeses Pieces and Skittles, but she got a little scared by the show so I walked her back after awhile. 

*Leaving family always sucks. We made the long journey back, and even with my traditional sore throat that I always get when we travel to Washington, it wasn't too bad. It took us a few days to recover from the car drive (we are getting OLD) but we got back into our routine. 

Derek got a new fitbit at work so I took over the older one. We've been having steps competitions. 

*We went to Costco to stock up on the good stuff and ran into some family. A love for Costco just runs in Derek's family. 

*I had an early group meeting for class on Saturday morning and Derek made me a delicious breakfast after we got back from the gym and before that meeting. Don't you love the faces he makes when I tell him to smile?

*We went to a baseball game/company picnic for Derek's work. It was fun chatting with his co-workers and getting to know them better. We drove through a crazy rain/lightning storm afterwards and it was so much fun watching all the lights. 

*More fro yo. Shocker.

*My favorite view on a Sunday morning (or any morning really). 

*My favorite shoes finally gave out on me.


I had gotten home at work on Friday and had some homework out to work on. Someone knocked at the door and I thought it was our new neighbors stopping by for something, but it was my DAD. I was so surprised. Derek had known he was coming for a few days and never let it slipped once. I am very hard to surprise (I usually can always tell when something is going to happen) and I had no idea this time. WOAH.

*My face when I opened the door.

*I took him on a walk all around Rexburg while we waited for Derek to get home from work.

*We went out for Hawaiian food that night and then came back and watched Top Gun at our apartment. 

The next morning Derek had to work really early (he is KILLING it at work....more on that later), so I got to spend a lot of the day with my dad. It was so fun to be with him and talk with him. I can't even describe how I feel about my parents....they are just good to the core and so generous and I am so grateful I can look up to them. AHHH. My dad took me shoe shopping and then we met up with Derek at Panera after he got off work.

No pictures from this day, but on the drive back we got stuck in some traffic. To pass the time I had my dad try individual Skittles since he didn't realize they were all flavored differently (he usually just grabs a handful and puts them all in his mouth. He does the same with jellybeans which is just crazy to me). We also played some entertaining rounds of would you rather.

July has been a WHIRLWIND. Here's to the rest!