A Few Weddings and A Million Other Bullet Points

I've been so behind on documenting life! Time to catch up.

*Back in April Derek and I were lucky and got to babysit this little chunk. He is the cutest baby possibly EVER.

*Later on we hit up Costco and stopped by Panera. Derek loves their Thai salad.

*Somewhere along the line I made some bread.

*The Easter Bunny also made its way to our house. He (she?) brought Derek some dark chocolate and a Kodiak cake brownie/muffin tin.

*For me he brought these beauties. He hid them around the house and I had to find them.

*We had Joseph's pizzas for dinner one night. I love these things. They become next-level with pineapple on top.

*We traveled back to Oregon for my cousin's wedding. It was so fun to see family and Derek's parents even came down (they have gotten to know my aunts and uncles and cousins and they were invited to come). It was a fun and quick trip. 

*Back at home....made it back to Panera again. 

*We couldn't make it back for my sister's HS graduation so I Facetimed in and listened to her valedictorian speech. It was SO good. I cried. I can't believe she's growing up. 

*This is how her and her bestie rode to school on one of the last days/the Senior parade. Isn't that the best?

*Megan and Ezra went to Brazil and sent us these pictures. It looked so amazing!

*On my way back to Oregon for ANOTHER wedding (this time to be a bridesmaid in a bestie's wedding...Derek couldn't go sadly) Megan met and picked me up and when we were at dinner we saw Alex Boye in line in front of us. Both of us are too shy to say hello in situations like this but we thought we were pretty cool.

*Megan met us and drove me to Provo, we went and visited my parents (and saw Derek's parents too!) at my parents' house, had some delicious ice cream with them, and then Megan let me stay with them that night. We drove through the scariest lightning/thunder storm (we swear it was RIGHT by us) and it was a little intense. Megan was so so sick and she still took such good care of me. So grateful for her. 

*Kendall picked me up from the airport in Oregon and we headed straight to breakfast. 

We had a lot of fun together that weekend, including a trip to Mod pizza and lots of good sister chats. 

*Then it was off to get Kaitlyn married! Wedding rehearsal and dinner on Friday getting reunited with these lovely ladies:

*Then wedding day fun! Complete with a million pictures, a delicious Italian dinner, decorating the bride and groom's car, and appreciating Kaitlyn's excellent wedding music playlist.

*This is random but I wanted to include this picture of the AMAZING dinner Megan made us when we came down to help my parents move in one weekend. Those babies were next-level. I ate them for breakfast lunch and dinner all weekend. 

*Derek and I went to volunteer at Relay for Life with his work, and it was so much fun! We were the set-up shift so we helped get everything....set up. We were also the designated photo booth testers so it's a really good thing we were there to do that very important job, obviously. 

*After our shift ended we went to dinner at our favorite place in Rexburg (we had a gift card!) and then came home to watch some t.v. Our date ended up how it usually does....

*...but I don't mind (usually;)

*The next night we used another gift card we had to go see the new Aladdin move. We both had things we liked and didn't like about it! But we both agreed these Twizzlers were delicious. The fruit punch ones are so good!

*Till next time!