1 Year Later

We celebrated our 1 year this weekend.

Our actual anniversary (May 12) fell on Sunday, Mother's Day, so we went out for a late lunch together on Saturday afternoon. We went to a restaurant that a friend from our ward works at, and he was our server. Estevan is the nicest. He got us a complimentary piece of cheesecake to take home (he wouldn't let us pay for it!) and we found out later that he didn't accept the tip we lift him. We'll for sure be paying it forward to him somehow in the next few weeks.

Lunch at Stockman's was delicious. I got a Garden Salad with chicken that ended up being double the size of a normal dinner plate. Give me allll the veggies. Derek splurged and got a 12 oz. steak with steamed veggies on the side. We definitely had leftovers to take home, in addition to the almond joy cheesecake Estevan got us.

Before lunch, we went to the small mall and window shopped. We stopped in Foot Locker for Derek to say hi to his friend from basketball, Spencer (Spencer and I actually had a class together our freshman year of college, too!) We also looked through Barnes & Noble. A book I've been dying to read, Educated, was 30% off, but not in the budget for this trip. We went to a couple boutiques and while Derek tried to convince me to get something, we held tight to our window shopping and saved our dollars for lunch.

Backing up even further, that morning, Derek and I went to the gym together before taking off for our day of errands. Derek sped off somewhere while we were there, so I called him once I was done. He said he would be there to pick me up in a few minutes. Once he arrived, I opened the passenger door of our car to find a small bouquet of purple flowers. So sweet.

After our lunch, we did a speed round of grocery shopping at Winco, trying to get home in enough time to make dessert for the ward party. We got in and out in about 30 minutes, which is saying something for a Saturday. Derek helped me make my mom's famous rice krispie treats, and they were a hit at the party. People asked about them Sunday at church too.

I made only a small appearance at the ward party as I wasn't feeling well, so I went to get the last few groceries we needed (including a surprise box of Reese's Puffs for Derek, his anniversary present) and then went home. Derek stayed and had a great time. We fell asleep that night watching our current favorite show together, Madam Secretary (and some Blacklist!)

On Sunday, I slept in later than normal. I woke up to find Derek in the living room reading from the Come, Follow Me manual. His first words were an excited, "Happy anniversary!" We went to church together, where Derek conducted in Sacrament meeting and I conducted in Relief Society. We had an awesome lesson in RS by my friend, Bridgette, all about the temple. I loved loved loved it. The Spirit was so strong.

After church, I went outside to read in the gorgeous sunny weather while Derek finished bishopric duties. About an hour later, we took off for home. We quickly changed clothes and then left for a Sunday walk to take advantage of the beautiful weather. We walked on campus to the lawn outside the Spori and the Snow building, where I continued reading while Derek took a nap. Suddenly, and after probably almost forty minutes of lying on the grass, the sprinklers turned on all around us. I shouted Derek's name and he popped right up. I'm going to remind him of that when he doesn't get up so easily when I try to move him from where he fell asleep on the couch to our bed. ;)

When we got home, Derek made us omelettes with garlicky asparagus as a recreation of our first date (my favorite, breakfast for dinner). We folded laundry (party!), I finished some more reading, and continued on our Madam Secretary trail. We'll have to include the "playing cards" portion of our first date tonight for FHE instead.

Throughout the entire weekend, Derek and I had a lot of fun thinking of what life looked like a year ago. A lot of, "can you believe last year at this time this was happening?" happened this weekend. I wonder what our conversations will look like in another year. :)

3 random things:

We went to a company dinner at Derek's work, and Derek won this huge basket of goodies from Great Harvest Bread Company in the raffle. So proud. It's hard to think about without getting teary. We love our carbohydrates.

(This was also a moment where I realized how perfect we are for each other, because while we both wanted to win stuff, we also had extreme anxiety about winning something and somehow taking it from another person?? Weird thing to feel guilty about. This is also why I love/hate Bingo. I want to get a bingo but I don't want to yell out that I've gotten bingo. Logical, no? We quickly determined after Derek won that if my raffle ticket got called, we would let them move on to the next ticket instead of claiming the prize ourselves. What the heck is wrong with us. I don't know, but we're a match made in heaven.)

This is my little sister at her senior prom. What.a.babe.

Lastly, I made this chicken divan from lillieatsandtells.com last Sunday and it was amazing. So so good. Can't stop thinking about it.

Now go eat something delicious!!