New Family Member, A Visit, and We're Celebrating!

I love when our dinners turn out so colorful. Summer produce cannot come soon enough!

At the beginning of the year, our ward had a big chili/soup feast after our Sunday meetings to talk about family history work. They had us all look on the ancestry apps on our phones to see if we were related to anyone in the ward. Derek discovered and met his distant cousin that day! She asked to take this picture of us and then we got one with her. So exciting. 

Derek was part of the Sunday School Presidency at this point, so he did a lot of work in helping to organize the event. We made a huge bowl of chili and worried that we had made too much, but when I went to look through the line, it was gone! Success.

So fun to meet each other!

I came home from work one day to find these hoodlums in our apartment.

They were headed to Utah for Spring Break, but Kendall stayed and hung with us for a few days to tour some apartments for next year and to learn more about campus. We all went out to lunch together before Dad and Natalie headed down to finish the drive. Dad even dropped me off at class that day. :)

After my class, I met Kendall and Derek at the gym. Derek and Kendall did the spin bikes and I did a Madeline Moves workout. 

We started off the festivities that night with breakfast for dinner because, what else would we do? We also watched the Justin Bieber "Never Say Never" documentary on Netflix and even though Derek claimed to not like it the next day to his friends, we all enjoyed it. 

Took a quick ballet break while touring apartments the next day.
Derek is really into ballet as you can tell.

Took another break to just talk about life. 

We went to church altogether on Sunday and I got this in Relief Society for my birthday. Kendall took care of the Sour Patch Kids for me and Derek handled the Skittles. What would I do without them, sheesh. 

Kendall and I watched High School Musical 3, which is always an emotional experience. We also had chocolate chip cookies.

Midnight snacking.

Kendall made a new friend.

Slipping in this out-of-order picture from the night we found out Derek got the job! We celebrated with our favorite delivery pizza place.

Back to Kendall being cute.

These two. They basically hung out the whole weekend and I just tagged along. 

We loved having Kendall with us. Her and I got to go on a 'search for the sunset' drive one night while Derek was with some friends, and it was so nice to chat. Kendall is my sister but also one of my best friends. There's no one like her!

After our drive and playing the piano for awhile, we met up with Derek and some of his friends at a restaurant. Lots of laughs that night, too.

In other news, Derek's team won the co-ed basketball championship! I have taken over his prize t-shirt, as is my duty. 

Derek's parents came to town and it was SO FUN. I get too camera shy when some people are around and then I kick myself for it later. We had such a blast with them (they came down for Derek getting set apart, which I talked about in my last post). While I was at work one day, Derek and his parents went to a doctor's appointment and then went and bought a juicer. We had fun trying it out with homemade orange juice and celery juice. I was skeptical of the celery, but it wasn't bad!

Lysol spray was not the mystery ingredient, don't worry. 

We went to frozen yogurt one of the nights, and Derek's dad, not knowing how everything worked, turned to us with his cup COMPLETELY full and said, "So, do we just fill it to the top?" We laughed so hard about that.
They took us to dinner and lunch, hung out with us and watched basketball games, and we all went hot tubbing one night at their hotel. Always fun to be with them! They came over for breakfast on Sunday morning since our church is late and then headed home afterwards. We did our "Come, Follow Me" lesson together too. 

It was so sweet sitting there at church with his parents while Derek was called up to the stand. Lots of new responsibility lately, and we are just trying to learn as much as we can even though we really don't know what we're doing. Ha!

It's never bad getting these beautiful, orange packages in the mail. 

Another breakfast for dinner night, where I learned that my sister was also having breakfast for dinner and back in Oregon they were thinking about having breakfast for dinner. Family unity. 

Then it was GENERAL CONFERENCE time. My favorite time.

I made a breakfast casserole on Saturday morning that I have to write down the recipe for one of these days. Derek declared it a keeper. 

We were taking pizza to a friend who just had a baby that night, so we used a coupon and got one for us too. It lasted us a few days. 

For Saturday afternoon session, it was fun to have our friends Kirk and Lauren over! We played a few rounds of Cover Your Assets afterwards. We are so sad that they are moving. 
Derek watched Priesthood session with our friend Mat, and I went for a walk, ran to the store, and went to a few minutes of the Women's Night at Deseret Book. It was PACKED. I didn't win any of the raffles but I did get a cookie to take back to Derek, so I'm calling it a success.

At one point during the weekend, we discovered we had a flat tire. Thankfully, Mat was able to help us and we got it all taken care of. We gave him some of the banana bread we made for conference weekend to thank him. We have the best friends ever. 

Conference was so uplifting and just wonderful. Honestly, it was a perfect weekend, even with the little bit of car trouble. Derek and I laughed and talked together so much this weekend, and with our busy schedules lately, it was so nice to just reconnect. 

Here's to more pizza nights, more late-night conversations, more card games, more life!