Life Lately (February-March 2019)

Be kind, rewind. (VHS anyone?) Time for a little catching up.

Derek got to be an assistant coach for a basketball team. It was so much fun to see him in his element. He is a great coach. He wants to coach our kids and I'm all for it. He is bold without being overbearing, and I'm just so proud of him for getting out of his comfort zone and doing this.  I'm prepared to be the team mom/snack-bringer for the rest of my life and I'm pretty excited about it.

The sky graced us with this beauty one afternoon. I just love the sky.

Kept Valentine's Day within our budget this year.

Then received this sweetness from my little sis. Thanks, Natalie!

This is the valentine Derek should have given me. He has a system and I gotta say it really does work.

My new favorite socks (from that package from Natalie).

One Friday night, Derek and I were sitting at the basketball courts having just finished our workouts. His friend came over and said he had these tickets for an event that was starting in a few minutes. We didn't have any plans the rest of the night so we decided to go for it. It was some kind of traveling acrobatic/gymnastic group and it was amazing. We were amazed and scared out of our minds for thee performers' safety all night. It was a fun and unexpected date night.

Used some gift money from my grandma to go to lunch at our favorite BBQ place. Cutest date.

Found a recipe for "fallen chocolate cake" and decided to try it out. Oh my word, it was good. It was one of those things you keeping taking bites of because it's just so. dang. good.

Trying to be better about family history to go along with our weekly temple outings.

Derek brought me a little pick-me-up on his way home from basketball one night.

Then it was off to Utah for Kaylee and Makai's wedding! We stayed with Meg and Ezra, got to spend some much needed time with my mom, and visit these stinkin' cute kids.

At the luncheon after the sealing, our little niece tried to use her chopstick skills on her ice cream cone. She's next-level impressive.

I'm always with the babies/littles at family events. Not complaining. (I'd like to think it's because I'm the fun aunt but it probably has more to do with the stickers I had in my purse.)

Derek is twins with our little nephew.

Kaylee and Makai got tickets to the BYU game for right after their reception and they asked me to make this poster for them. They got on TV! (Pictures below.)

Taking a little breather between the luncheon and the reception. Weddings are no joke.


My dad and little sister were watching the game back in Oregon and sent us this picture. So cool!

Post-wedding chillin. They were totally faking it in this picture but it's still cute.

Post-wedding PB &J. The only way to end the day.

Whoops! Slipping this one in from that date night above. 

 And a pre-wedding shot Derek sent me.

And back to the PB & J.

Little sweetie.

And then it was back to reality! We hit up Costco.

I read this for a class and really loved it.

ANOTHER amazing package from my mom and sister. My family is the best!

Working on our study habits.

And celebrating pi day (pre-oven shot. This was a carmael pecan pie.)

And SO many other little things in between! Life is rich. And so difficult sometimes. I'll blog soon about some of the challenges we've faced lately and some of the things we've learned. Ups and downs! The best rides are that way.