21st Birthday and A Million Other Things

Adult birthdays are so strange. I would forget at points during the day that it was my birthday which is something I can't imagine my seven year old self even fathoming. I told this to Derek and I thought it was sweet that he told me he didn't forget. I love birthdays and holidays, and I was so grateful for the love I received! 

(the story behind what he was doing is later on in the post)
Derek was a sweetie and made me a chocolate chip pancake and an egg omelette for breakfast. It was so sweet and one of the many kind things he did for me that day. 

I only take pictures of my food, obviously. Colorful chicken salad at work with oatmeal once I got home. 

I have to take a minute and write about this cake. This is my favorite cake that I have ever had (although it might be tied with our wedding cake, and Derek agreed with me). When I got home from work Derek was making this and was surprised that I had gotten home a little earlier than he had expected. He told me it was the first cake he had ever made, and he even whipped up a homemade frosting to go with it. Unfortunately, he realized that he didn't make enough frosting and experienced the glorious top layer of the cake scraping off when he tried to frost it. Hasn't that happened to everyone? I think it's a rite of passage. Anyway, it may look a little bit homely to some, but I think it was the best birthday cake of my life. I was telling my dad about it on the phone and he says this is the one I'll remember in 50 years. I hope he's right. 

Love note from Derek before class.

Later that night he showed me the second copy of the letter he printed out in Comic Sans just as a joke. That shows how well he knows me (it's a joke between us). 

Some birthday miles. 

 A place in our town gives out free cookies on people's birthdays. I was a little embarrassed to go in and claim mine but the girl was so nice about it. I'm glad, because I really wanted one. (We shared. We also took advantage of National Fro Yo day.)

I agot Derek to watch one of my favorite movies with me and he liked it! Dream come true. 

Now to catch up on some LIFE LATELY.

We got to attend a fancy luncheon (job perk) together earlier in January. Derek was sad because there weren't whole wheat rolls on the table we were going through the line in but last second someone brought some over. 

This is how Derek eats his oatmeal. Does everyone eat it so soupy? Am I just crazy?

We went to Utah for the weekend so Derek could cash in on my Christmas present to him: a Gonzaga v. BYU game. His dad flew down to go with him and I stayed and hung back at my sister's house. His dad decided at the very last minute to come down, but we are so glad he did. I could tell that Derek had such a good time with his pops. I love seeing him all lit up like that after doing something he loves. 
Before the game we met up with Kaylee and all had dinner together too!
So excited to have her as my soon-to-be sister. 

The rest of the weekend in Utah was so fun. We went to see Wonderland at BYU on Friday where we ran into an old piano teacher (her daughter was playing Alice). Nicole and Jordan went to the play too and we all went out afterwards for yogurt. There was a stressful moment before the play: Ezra was meeting us there from the train, but he accidentally forgot his phone before he got off! There was some running around that had to be done but thankfully all turned out okay and he was able to get to the play and get his phone back. Thank goodness no one stole it!

We took advantage of Megan and Ezra's amazing fireplace too. We should probably contribute to their gas bill. 

Megan and I split this beauty before a day of fun shopping with Mom. My mom treated us all to lunch at Brick Oven, including Derek's friend Brad who tagged along with us after him and Derek played basketball in the morning (Megan and I ran while Derek went to play). 

I wish I had a picture of me and my mom from this trip. She made me feel so special and spoiled and there is just nothing like being with your mom. She treated us to amazing food and even better company and I am just so grateful for her. 

I forgot to mention that on Friday, she took me and Derek out to lunch at a restaurant that is built inside an old trolley car. So fun, and so great to see my mom happy.

After a full day of shopping (thanks again, Mom!) we ended the night at Megan's. Brad and Derek's other friend Jeremy came over and joined us for some Rummikub. Derek and Ezra made dinner (fried rice and steak) and I have to say I was particularly distracted by The Great British Baking Show Megan had on in the background. I've heard a lot about it but never really watched it. I was hooked. 

We left on Sunday morning to try and beat a snow storm that never came (but is hitting this week). It was such a great weekend. 

Two more things:

Much needed Facetime date with Natalie while I made cookies for an FHE event we were going to and she lamented about having snow days.

This gem. 

Happy Thursday! Life is beautiful!