I Have A Lot to Work On

Man, lately I have been feeling like I have so much I can improve on. Which, I can. And I know that everyone has a lot to improve on, but I usually don't notice that in other people. Usually I look at everyone else's qualities and think about how I want to be like them. This isn't one of those "give me compliments so I feel better about myself kind of posts," but it's just making record that I've noticed some things in my life that I can do better on and I want to commit myself to do better. There are so many people around me that I feel I can learn from....my sister's drive, my in-laws and their generosity, my husband and his laser focus on family and things that really matter, my co-worker's kindness, my brother-in-law's perosnability (not a word but I'm making it one). I know that I have my own light to offer to, but right now, I really want to focus on fine tuning and making sure I'm being the kind of person I promised myself I would be.

So, here are some things I am going to try and work on. It is perfect that the 2019 chapter is about to begin, and maybe by the time the new year rolls around these will be new-ish habits.

-Serve more.
    That sounds really general, but I want to be more giving of my time. I used to write thank you cards and make cookies and do little acts of service on almost a weekly basis, and I want to get back to that. It sounds cheesy, but I think the best way for me to find myself is to lose myself in serving other people. As anonymously as possible, too!

-Serve Derek.
   I want to be a giving wife to Derek. I want to be better at giving him random massages, writing him notes, or cooking his favorite thing for dinner. He is tricky because he is so easy to please when it comes to food so I really need to find some superstar recipes to try out on him.

-Practice gratitude.
   I want to write a thank you note once a week in 2019. I think I can do it!

-Stop the negative self-talk.
   My mom used to make my older sister write a list of things she liked about herself whenever she was negative. I used to think this was all crazy sauce stuff, but man, sometimes I treat myself really poorly. It's interesting to me that when I exercise, I go so much farther and can do so much more when I give myself positive encouragement. "You're amazing! I bet you could do another set. Keep going!" instead of things like "This is really hard. You're not as strong as you want to be yet, why haven't you gotten there yet?" I've always believed that to practice kindness is to practice magic, and I need to start treating myself like I believe that is true too.

I'll probably have more specific ideas as I keep pondering my goals for 2019. I have a tugging feeling that this year is going to be full of some grand experiences and grand challenges. I'm excited to see what those are.

5 days till Christmas!!! Where did the year go?

Currently reading....The Book of Mormon! Trying to finish by Dec. 31st
Currently craving....pretzels and a salad with lots of tomato.
Excited to....see my in-laws tomorrow!