A Mattawa Thanksgiving

I don't have nearly enough photos to properly document our Thanksgiving week in Washington! Words will have to suffice for this year, but I'm kicking myself for not pulling out my camera more! Next year. 

We left right after I got off work on Friday. We drove for a few hours, and by we I mean Derek. I'm pretty sure I slept for awhile. He was such a champ and got us all the way to LaGrande! We stopped at a cheap hotel for the night to get a few hours of sleep. Derek's brother and his girlfriend drove through the night and got there a few hours before us, but Derek and I knew that we would need the sleep. We didn't want to start our week off on a wacky sleep schedule! My throat was hurting when we got there so Derek made me some herbal tea. Turns out herbal tea is gross (to me). Who knew! 

We had a quick breakfast of oatmeal and juice the next morning and then finished off the last few hours of the drive. I think Derek and I were in a little argument that morning but I honestly don't even remember what it was about...a little perspective (and a bad memory) goes a long way! We stopped at to get some groceries for Derek's mom on our way through town too.

One of the highlights of the trip was going to our nephew's basketball game. We made posters and brought some treats to cheer him on, and it was so fun to be gathered with the whole family and to be a part of a surprise (his nephew didn't know we were coming). After the game, we went back to Derek's parents' house and it was our night to make dinner. We made Thai Peanut Spaghetti, of course. The other nights people made teriyaki chicken and homemade tacos. Yum. 

The days all sort of blend together for me when I look back on this trip...we did a lot of relaxing! We spent some time at Derek's dad's shop, we went to visit family and friends, we baked cookies, listened to music, played the piano, and there was always some sort of sports game on in the background. A big group of brothers will do that. :) 

Derek's mom usually goes all out on Christmas with games for everyone to play, but since everyone will be in different places for Christmas this year, she did it for Thanksgiving instead. It was a blast! She always gets everyone something to wear during the games, and this year it was fake and gross teeth. Only a few actually wore them during the games, haha. We did things minute to win it style this year, except they lasted longer than a minute. We spread peanut butter on a piece of bread and had to bounce a ping pong ball to land on it, we had a rice krispie igloo making contest, we played bingo, we had a story writing contest, and a few others too. It was a lot of fun, and Derek's mom is so creative. 

We went without the traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year. That's just now how Derek's family does it! We ended up having tri tip, mashed potatoes, and green beans. I couldn't have too many of the desserts because of the dairy, but I still snuck a few bites in. Kaylee also made sugar cookies a couple times so we decorated a lot of those.

Derek's shoulder is still in a bad spot so he didn't get to play as much basketball as he was hoping to. I went running or to the gym every day. One morning it was so cold that my hair starting accumulating frost. Cold! But worth it. 

Another one of my favorite little moments was sitting on the couch with Derek one night watching one of the Harry Potter movies. It was just on in the background, and everyone else had either gone to bed or was out somewhere else, but we talked and laughed and it was just a sweet moment. 

All in all, it was a great Thanksgiving. It was fun to do things out of the norm and to see how Derek’s family does it. Now we’re back in snowy Idaho (which I’m actually loving right now! Not missing Fall too much…yet) trying to hurry and finish this semester so we can go home for Christmas!