What I've Learned from Marriage, How Things Change, & Pizza

Yesterday's run: 3 miles, and I was reminded how motivating music can be. I've been listening to podcasts lately while I exercise, but I went back to music yesterday and it was awesome. I think switching things up every once in awhile is key for me.

I felt so many different emotions while running. Gratitude for my body and how far it has come. (Exercise used to be a real chore for me, but it has become a passion over the last year and a half.) Frustration and a little bit of fear about my persistent shoulder pain, and worrying that it might become a problem soon. More gratitude, this time for Derek, for making me a wicked playlist. And randomly, tearing up a little bit thinking about how much life has changed over the past few months.

Being married is the absolute best thing in the world, and while it has its challenges, I wouldn't trade it for anything. That being said, there are still times when I stop and get a little melancholy thinking about how life will truly never be the same again. Sometimes I miss the simplicity and safety that came from my childhood; walking downstairs to smell the banana bread my mom would be baking, knowing the exact sound of the back door and how the dogs would be barking when my dad came home from work, or sitting at the dining room table doing homework with my sisters. Life is so, so rich and full and beautiful now, but I think I became a little bit overwhelmed with gratitude during my run for how wonderful (not perfect) my childhood was.

As great and safe as it was (mom, will you please come make me dinner???) I know that's not where I'm meant to be anymore. I'm meant to be with Derek, who makes life just as wonderful and safe. I truly believe that the key to success is constant progression, and this chapter of life with Derek is so sweet and full. I think it's just that sometimes I get sad thinking about things I will never see again (and when I say sad, I mean sad for a few seconds but then I look up and Derek is sitting next to me and I'm okay again). Things like the Christmas tree my piano teacher used to put up for our lessons, my little sisters talking with their cute lisps and their straight-across-the-forehead-bangs, walking into my favorite English class in high school, things like that. This probably doesn't make sense to anyone that I would miss something like a Christmas tree, but it's more about missing the feeling and emotion surrounding those times than what the actual things were.

BUT, when I write all that down, I remember that there are so many things I HAVEN'T SEEN YET that are going to be so great. Like holding my own baby, watching Derek hold our baby (I think that will be my absolute undoing), going to Disneyland with my husband (we have no plans to do this in the near future but maybe he will catch this hint??), all the traveling we want to do, all the food we are going to eat, all the memories that are waiting to be made. It's exciting to think about.

Derek and I were talking last night about what we've learned from each other. We talked about some serious and some not-so-serious things, like for example, because of Derek I learned that I like edamame and I like oatmeal. I have him to thank for so many things much more important than food but can I just say how wonderful it is to have a foodie husband who cares about good food as much as I do? We both love to eat, thank goodness.

Speaking of eating, I was craving pizza and we haven't eaten pizza in forever so Derek made sure we got some on Monday. We tried a new place in town that we thought was too expensive for what you get, but the crust was so perfect. That little bit of black is the best.

Featuring carpet because we don't have a table.

I sure hope our kids appreciate all these pictures of our meals that I'm taking for them.

In your opinion, what's the best place to get pizza?

Derek likes Pizza Hut or Digiorno, and I'm a Papa Murphy's gal. Or anywhere that will burn the crust for me.