Q&A w/ Lexie Faith Designs + a Discount Code!

I'm so excited to be interviewing one of my favorites today, Lexie from Lexie Faith Designs. Lexie is an incredible artist, and she designed our wedding invitations and a journal for a Christmas present for one of my sisters. She is so talented, has an amazing eye for detail, and is so easy to work with. We have stellar reviews of her and her company. Check out the short Q&A we did below and stick around till the end, because she has an awesome discount code you can use (and any of her products are PERFECT Christmas presents)!

Here we go!

Tell us your story! What made you interested in art? 
I have always loved being creative. From crayons & sidewalk chalk to photography to painting, I love it all & am always experimenting with new mediums.

When did you realize that your talent had the potential to become a small business?
I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I started a photography business when I was in 7th grade & was quite successful. I was always booked with portrait sessions & family sessions. It was amazing & I feel truly blessed to have had that experience at such a young age. Lexie Faith Designs however started by accident. Standing in the aisle of my local craft store I had the idea for my first missionary journal. It was a gift for my cousin who was leaving on her LDS mission. To my surprise I loved how the journal turned out & ended up posting a picture on my Instagram. That night I got five orders & the rest is history. 

Describe for us a typical day in the life at Lexie Faith Designs. 
It's not as glamorous as you may imagine. Aside from Lexie Faith Designs I am a student, a freelancer, a dance teacher & a social media specialist at a marketing agency. Each day looks a little different. I wake up at 6:30 for my speedy morning routine & head out the door for school. After school & lunch I simply check things off to-do lists. I have to prioritize every single thing. Milanote & Asana are two tools I would be lost without. I thrive in organized chaos & those two tools keep the chaos organized. I do most of my painting between 9pm-2am. It's hard to juggle it all but I love it so much!

What's the most stressful part of being a small business owner?
I am a perfectionist. I always want to send out my best work & never want to let anyone down. Especially my clients. Another thing that is really hard for anyone whose job is a "service" is when people expect them to work for free. One last pet peeve while I am on this rant is copy cats. As an artist I seriously die when I see other people copying concepts & not giving credit where it's due. 

What's next for Lexie Faith Designs? What's your next goal/dream to accomplish?
More digital art & patented products are the next big things for Lexie Faith Designs.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to run their own business? Where do they start?
Practice makes perfect, find a creative community, be original, be consistent, set goals, collaborate & most importantly be kind.


Favorite clothing store?
The thrift store! You've gotta dig but there are so many treasures! 

Favorite band?
Honestly anything I can dance to. Hip Hop, Rap & Pop are my favs.

Team In-N-Out or Team Five Guys?
I'm honestly not a big hamburger person but I like In-N-Out's shakes & their branding haha.

Favorite book?
I'm not a reader!! I appreciate reading & wished I liked it more but I just don't. Instead of reading I listen to entrepreneur & creative podcasts or study YouTube videos for whatever my latest tech/creative interest is. 

Favorite social media platform?
Instagram! Social Media gets such a bad wrap but I've never had a problem with it. I get so inspired by the art & imagery I see on Instagram. I love Pinterest for that too but Instagram is so much more social & I love the community that is on the platform.

Early riser or night owl?
Night owl! I honestly wish sleep wasn't even a thing cause I would be able to get so much more done. I usually go to bed around 3 am. I am probably cutting years off my life but I swear all my best creative ideas come in the middle of the night.

Favorite dessert of all time?
Donuts! My all time fav donuts are either alligator jaws or simple old fashioned donuts. SO GOOD!

Lexie is the best, and I know you'll love her and her products as much as I do. Be sure to check out her website & Instagram for more on her and her amazing art. 

*You can also use code "JOURNALBEE10" on her site for a discount on your order!* Code is valid through December 15, 2018.

Thanks again, Lexie! Everyone, go check her out!