Mid-Week Laughs

Sticky-note moments that I want to document here on the blog.

Some of my favorite moments are when Derek and I are getting ready for bed and just laying down and talking about the day. The other night I had a cough drop in my mouth during that time, and Derek heard me bite into it.

Him: What was that?
Me: My cough drop.
Him: *not understanding why I bit into it instead of sucking on it* Cough drops only work if they're in your mouth. Confucius said that.

My boss at work a few weeks ago.

K: You know how I'm sixty now, so I have an opinion on everything?

My boss again, 11/13/2018.

K:: I just want 11 to be here but I don't want 10 to be here but I have to get through 10 to get to 11.
D: Why 11?
K: I don't know, why not.

From the summer:

Natalie: Ew, don't blow your nose on my shirt!
Kendall: *dies laughing*

With Derek's Aunt Maureen:

*talking about ridiculous names parents name their children*
Aunt M: *monotone* Yeah, parents oughta be killed.
Me: *dies*

Only funny to me? Probably.