Little Snippets

This happened on Sunday, and I was pretty pumped about it.

Derek said he wasn't used to me getting so into a sporting event. Can't help it with the Sox!

We made chili on Sunday night but had run out of bread the night before, so I made some. It was super easy, didn't require yeast, and was only like 5 ingredients! I'll definitely make it again. 

A random picture after getting home from the gym one day this week.

This happened, too. Boo.
We're trying to see if we can get it voided since I was doing stuff for my job when it happened. Crossing our fingers!

We had an awesome, quiet Halloween. Part of my day involved running some errands for work to get the office some Halloween goodies they requested, and that was a nice way to break up the day.  After work I went for a short two mile run while Derek played basketball, I did a short ab video, and then we came home to make cookies and watch a Halloween movie. We also listened to a Halloween music playlist on Spotify, including the classics like Monster Mash, Thriller, Ghostbusters, etc. Derek chose the tv show Supernatural for us to watch, which I know is not scary, but it is to me. I am a total wuss and will be checking behind our shower curtain for weeks.

Our version of Halloween candy.

Happy Halloween! I can't wait to make Derek and our future kids dress up in group costumes. 


  1. Sounds like a nice chill night..

    1. It definitely was! Thanks Hena and hope you had a great Halloween!


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