BYU Game

It was a great weekend in Provo with family! More on that later. Gotta catch up first.

Made these zucchini cookies awhile back. We liked them! I think it was the first time ever that I liked the actual cookie more than the dough, though.

Our new favorite tortillas. Soooo yummy (especially warmed up).

Our accidental library date a few weeks back turned out to be the best thing that could've happened to us. Derek read one of his old favorites, Hatchet, and I got started on it once he was done. He finished 
too and liked it! A messy apartment, but a husband who reads! The best.

Relaxing on the couch one night and this happened. We wanted to play a new game that I got Derek for his birthday, but it needed more people. So we settled on game pigeon.

And then we were off to Utah! We left late-evening on Friday and beat a lot of rush hour traffic on I-15. Score! We listened to new music Friday on Spotify (Derek's favorite way to pass the time) and chatted. I think I also fell asleep for awhile. We met up with everyone at Yogurtland in Orem (except Dad, who was catching 

up on some much-needed sleep at home) before heading over to Megan and Ezra's. I actually saw a girl that I follow on social media at the Yogurtland that night, and I had just made one of her recipes for dinner the night before! Too shy to go say hi, but still a funny coincidence. 

We all hung out at Megan and Ezra's later catching up and laughing for awhile. Since the Yogurtland didn't have a ton of dairy-free options, I had some food back at Megan's. 

On Saturday morning, we hung out and ate delicious breakfast from Megan. After hanging out for awhile, Megan and I went on a short run around her neighborhood and then I did an ab workout back at the house. While we were gone, Derek, Ezra, and K & N played some space game on their phones. It was pretty funny to walk into them all playing together. 

After quick showers, me, Megan, and Natalie went to check out Trader Joe's. It was everything I had been dreaming about. ;) I got these infamous spices and some of their almond butter (verdict: good). Megan got those same spices and some dark chocolate peanut butter cups (verdict: good). She also picked out a curry sauce that she was really excited to show Ezra.  I wish there was a Trader Joe's closer to where we live but for our budget's sake, it's probably a good thing that there isn't. We picked Kendall up a Swig on our way back too. 

Lunch back at the house. Megan makes the best salads! We had pizza too (and lots of snacks). Turns out pretzels and almond butter are a match made in heaven.

Also discovered that Ezra isn't into the whole "vegetable
pasta" phase that's going on right now. We also learned that Megan and I like bell peppers a lot more than the average person (at least compared to our husbands).

Kendall in her happy place.

We left Megan and Ezra's later that afternoon to go to the Air BNB that Mom got for everyone to stay at. Derek and I went
 to pick Mom up from her shuttle that came in at the Marriot Center later in the afternoon. It was fun to chat with her and catch up, but we were sad to hear that the shuttle's heating system wasn't working. She was FREEZING.

Then off to the BYU Game!

Mom stayed home (she isn't a football fan) and made delicious food and treats for us to come home to while we froze at the game. 

Everyone went out to eat before the game except for me, Derek, and Dad. They had accidentally given Megan an extra sandwich for free at the restaurant, so she brought it for us. Way better than over-priced stadium food. Free food is the best food.

It was definitely cold, but we all bundled up pretty well, except for Nat, who only brought a jean jacket?! Luckily Ezra had an extra coat. Our toes were pretty cold though. In all of our efforts to bundle up on top, we didn't realize that having one pair of socks and a pair of Nikes wasn't going to keep us very comfortable. Oh well. Still such a fun night! BYU won, and it was fun to get into the game more with the band and all the cheering. We saw someone we know from back home who is a BYU cheerleader too.

Dad bought us all hot chocolates at half time. Heavenly. We all drank them up in record time.
We also got a cougar tail for everyone to share and Kendall got a pretzel.

We left after the 3rd quarter. We had parked at the Marriot Center so we hurried over to get into the warm car. All of us were freezing, but we all had a terrific time.

Back at home, Mom had made her homemade potato soup and had her famous rice krispie treats and tiger butter prepared. I was sad I couldn't enjoy the soup (no dairy bites!) but still found something to enjoy. Below is what she made for lunch on Sunday (homemade macaroni and cheese). She's amazing.

Derek and I getting ready to leave! Boo!

On Sunday, everyone slept in for awhile. Megan and Ezra had to leave to go teach their class at their church building, and a few of us went to Sacrament meeting at the church nearby. We relaxed and had lunch, and then Derek and I were off again.

We will miss them. Off to the next adventure!