Weekend Recap: Provo

We raced down to Provo last weekend to visit Megan and Ezra for General Conference. And by raced, I mean we sat in traffic on I-15 for several hours.

Ha! We had Derek's brother and another girl who needed a ride travel down with us. We were all in pretty good spirits despite the situation until about 45 minutes-an hour before we arrived. I won't go into details, but I'll just say this: traffic does things to people. Biting comments may have been said by one or more parties. It happens. We got through it. 

After dropping people off, we were greeted by Megan and Ezra who were ready to go to dinner. My mom and grandma wanted to buy for us, and they treated us to this Brazilian buffet in downtown. It was pretty hilarious hearing how they called the restaurant's managers from where they were in another state to pay for our dinner. The manager said he was glad to take the call; usually when people want to speak with him, it's a complaint. (Thanks Mom and Grandma!)

The buffet really was huge. Waiters and waitresses walked around with different types of meat for you to try, too. It was kind of an unreal and overwhelming experience. My favorite thing of the entire night was the fried banana, which is weird because I don't really like bananas. I guess anything is good if it's fried with cinnamon and sugar. Derek liked the Parmesan chicken and the mango sorbet/cake we had for dessert. (Because we really needed dessert after having fried bananas. It's a priority, people!)

I'm gonna go list style to remember the rest of the weekend. We had the best time. Thanks Meg and Ezra! 


*Playing "The Game of Things" after dinner on Friday
*Staying up late talking about the world, the Last Days, the Second Coming
*Megan's delicious quinoa/wheat pancakes on Saturday morning (and that banana smoothie, again, so good! What's up with me?)
*Being so uplifted by conference (and talking about how two-hour church will change things)
*Running to Smith's to get supplies to make Thai Peanut Spaghetti for lunch
*After afternoon session and during women's session, Derek drove up to Salt Lake to visit his mission. I'm so, so happy he got the opportunity to do that. He loves his mission and those people so much.
*Feeling so much peace and power from the women's session of Conference. Megan and I were in agreement that there were so many good messages. Loved the call from President Nelson at the end of his remarks about the "urgency" we need to have. 
*Playing BananaGrams with Meg and Ezra while waiting for Derek to get back.
*Going and getting Acai bowls with Meg to take back to share with the boys and catching up a bit
*Watching Last Man Standing late on Saturday night
*Conference on Sunday=so good.
*Megan's chili and Ezra's cornbread=so good

It was a food-filled weekend with so many fun memories and so many good messages. Can't wait to do it all again in April.