My Thoughts on Perfectionism + What We're Watching + The Happiest Breakfast

I attended an incredible meeting last week where the presentation was titled "Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist." I was really excited beforehand to attend this meeting since I knew what the presentation would be on. I forgot my journal at work so I thought I would just take notes on my phone, but I knew paper and pen was gonna be best for me. (I tend to prefer hard copy over digital, which really makes sense considering my journal is a blog, right?? I never claimed to make sense/be consistent.)

Anyway, I found an old newsletter in my purse and an almost broken pen that did the job. I was scribbling like mad during the presentation.

Some points from the presentation/thoughts I had during:

1. The speaker proposed the following question: How do perfectionist tendencies influence our relationship with God? I thought that was such a fascinating thing to think about. Is my drive to make everything perfect conflicting with the things God would have me do/say? Am I so dead set on my plans and executing them perfectly that I forget to see if my will aligns with His? I definitely believe in a God that wants us to direct our own lives and use our agency, but I also believe in seeking His wisdom and guidance as we take on that power of direction. Do I ask Him enough how I'm doing? Am I flexible enough to alter/switch course/not check every single thing off my to do list if He says it's not really necessary? Interesting to think about.

2. God's love isn't based off of your actions. It's simply there. It just exists. I think that's really hard for someone with a perfectionist mindset to understand. You can't do a certain number of good deeds to earn or increase His love. There isn't a gauge for that love that goes up or down depending on what you do. If you screw up, you don't have to/need to go do a million good deeds to make up for that mistake and earn His love back. His love is never something you have to earn. (His approval might be, but not His love.)

I don't think that gives us permission to be lazy about our lives, actions, or our obedience, but it does lend itself to allowing ourselves more grace (something perfectionists desperately need).

3. Allow yourself to be human. Just let yourself feel and savor the human experience.

4. I think this comes from Brene Brown, but the speaker mentioned that being imperfect gives you the ability to have courage, compassion, and connection. I loved that. People flock to people that are genuine and (openly) a little bit flawed. Don't ruin your chance for connecting with someone because of your pride or fear in appearing like you don't have it all together.

5. Look for God's kindness around you. Start looking for beautiful moments and see how sometimes they happen without you having to have everything together.

I could gush, but Ill leave it at that. Such a good meeting.

In other news, this is the show Derek and I are currently watching together on Monday nights.

To be honest, we're both a little conflicted about how we feel about it! Anyone else watching it? What are your thoughts?

Most days we have a combination of toast/oatmeal/eggs for breakfast. We decided to switch things up on Sunday and make homemade pancakes. Derek had the idea to mash up a Twix bar and put it in one of the cakes. He's basically brilliant.

I also finally figured out what's been causing my stomach's protein powder. I know that whey protein is a no-no for me because of the dairy, but we got a new soy protein powder from Winco to try. We put some of the powder in the pancakes, and shortly after... realized that Derek has a big bag of leftover pancakes in the fridge that he'll have to eat by himself. Haha. I need to stick with Bisquick. My body doesn't like forms of protein that aren't meat, eggs, nuts, yogurt, etc.

(Featuring rotten bananas in the background.)

Derek and I had a great conversation on my lunch break yesterday where we compared the items in our candy bowl to different tv shows. (We get to really hard-hitting stuff, seriously.) When one of us gets a candy, we take a bite and then give the other half to the other person. (We just always share our food, and we've always been that way.) We decided that a Twix is like the tv show Chuck: we don't watch it without the other person (or don't eat it without sharing). A Baby Ruth is like Grimm (the show we were watching together but then Derek went ahead and watched the rest without me while we were engaged) where we can have it by ourselves. A Snickers is like Manifest, where Derek likes it more than I do but we both kind of like it. You guys, is this so weird? One day our conversations will be about who's taking the kids to piano and basketball and we'll think on these days, right? Anyway.

Are you a perfectionist? How do you find it influences your life?

What are you currently watching? 

What is your dream breakfast?