Crushing Hard

I am crushing hard on autumn this year. I crush hard on autumn every year, but who cares. I feel it deep in my veins this time around, and I'm soaking up every second of it (especially since I can tell snow is right around the corner).


*Went to the Straw Maze (took forEVER to figure out and it was hot. But it was fun to be with Makai, Kaylee, Boyd, and Ivy)
*Made chili
*Made chocolate pumpkin bread
*Actually got into a football game (we were listening to the Oregon v. Washington game on the radio in the car)
*Disclaimer: I probably only really got into it because Derek made a bet with my dad about it, and it was a close game. I love when games are exciting. That probably makes me not a true fan.
*Put little ghost decorations up near the front door
*Stepped on some leaves (they were definitely crunchy)

I just think that this time of year is more beautiful than any other time. I get the allure of snow, the allure of sun, and the allure of springtime flowers, but there's just nothing better than needing a medium-to-heavy jacket wherever you go and sipping on some hot chocolate. Am I alone in this?

All I need now to make this a true fall is to eat a fun-size Twix.


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