Birthday Prep, a Game, and Some Random Pictures of Food

We're getting ready for Derek's birthday around here, and I think I'm more excited than he his. I just LOVE birthdays. I must get it from my mom, because she sent this huge box of goodies for Derek last week. (The candy is just the top layer--it's not all candy!) The candy filled up our pumpkin and 
our big, blue bowl. It's basically heaven.

We've been snacking on it, and we gave some to Derek's brother and girlfriend when they came over to play games on Sunday night. (We played a few rounds of this game. The best!)

We grabbed this to split after grocery shopping on Saturday. I've had the fruit flavors of these bars before, but never the chocolate. It's definitely a new favorite. (More about these bars here.)

A horrible picture, but a good lunch. I had this after church on Sunday while Derek was napping. It's zucchini, onion, and egg topped with green onion. I've been loving green onion lately!

In non-food related news, I have almost everything planned out for Derek's birthday. I've got a few more things to grab, and even though he already knows his big present (it got spoiled...more on that later) I think it's all set up to be a good day.

Do you have any birthday traditions?

What's your favorite Halloween candy?

Any dairy-free eaters out there? What snacks/bars do you recommend?

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