Little Snippets

I am so behind on journaling. There are so many moments from the wedding, the moments leading up to the wedding, the honeymoon, and just life in general that I want to make sure I write down before I forget them and they are gone forever! I have some things written down on the "notes" app on my phone, and hopefully this summer I'll be able to catch up and get the beginning of our family history all recorded. I found this picture of three of my bridesmaids that Kaitlyn posted from the wedding day, and gosh, I am so grateful for these friends of mine. Nicole, Graci, and high school best friends. I think this picture was taken either while they were waiting for us to come out of the temple, or during family pictures where they were such troopers to wait for the bridal party pictures. I love them so much!

More wedding stuff later, but for now, I thought I'd post a few of the things we've been up to in the weeks post-wedding We are settling into our routine here in Washington. Our little motorhome has been just right and just enough room for two (plus, very inexpensive, which is perfect for us since we're saving every dime we can). We are so grateful for our friends for letting us stay on their property, and for the Bishop of Derek's ward to loan us their trailer. It has been an adjustment, but one full of lots of funny memories that I know will also make us so grateful for wherever we end up next. Haha!

The Sunday after the open house in Washington, I started to feel pretty sick. Thankfully it didn't hit until after all of the wedding festivities were over, but the next week was pretty much the worst week of my life. Dramatic, much?  It was a bad case of whatever virus it was, and mixed with the cabin fever I felt being cooped up in the trailer, it was a hard week for me. I remember Derek coming home from work and I would just cry--partly out of relief and partly out of frustration about the situation and about feeling so crummy. I am doing so much better now, and I'm so grateful for Derek putting up with his emotional wife. Good grief.

Some things I want to remember about the trailer...

1. Our fridge. Our friends plugged in an extra fridge and freezer for us outside the trailer which has been such a blessing, but we also have a smaller one inside. The one inside can be on a setting from 1-5, and we keep it on three, but it definitely is cooler than a normal fridge and sort of semi-freezes the food. Not enough to make the milk a solid, but enough to make the avocados rock hard. It's always an adventure to know how something's going to turn out when we pull it out of the fridge!
2. Locking ourselves out. Derek and I get up around 5:30-5:45 to work out together on the concrete slab outside the trailer. One morning, we went to go back inside after finishing and the door had somehow locked. The lock was in the unlock position, but one of the rods had shifted and made it lock somehow when we closed it behind us to go workout. I had to climb on top of the outside fridge, Derek got the window open, and I climbed inside the teeny space to get the door unlocked. One of those memories. :)
3. We don't have a good working oven or stove, so we've had to be creative with meals. We use the crock pot and a little skillet that someone gave us as a wedding gift (seriously, our favorite gift right now!) We'll probably be pretty sick of scrambled eggs and turkey burgers by the end of the summer, but we're going to try and be creative about meals. I will say this, though: I am excited to have an oven back in the fall. What can I say, I'm a chocolate chip cookie girl. But for now, we're doing just fine with what we have.

I'm sure there is more I'll have to come add later, but I'll add some pictures in for now of the past few weeks.

A picture of part of the aftermath of one of our dinners...we used a recipe from one of the cookbooks we got from the wedding. These were spicy turkey wraps, and they were so good! We improvised on some of the ingredients, but they had lots of lime, so I was obviously all over that.

My job doesn't start until the middle of June, so I've been helping out with some things at the shop in the meantime. I also go on parts runs with Derek when he goes out of town. So much driving, but so happy we are able to spend that time together talking and listening to music on Spotify. We make stops at Costco sometimes and always love the samples too.

This past weekend, we drove back down to Portland since I was a bridesmaid in Nicole's wedding. We both were able to go into the sealing, and it was such a neat experience. We love Nicole and Jordan and it was so fun to be a part of their relationship since the beginning.

After the sealing, while we were mingling and waiting for Nicole and Jordan to make their exit, Jen Isom (an old young women leader) came up and asked me if I saw the photographer anywhere. (Nicole and Jordan had Ms. Behrle doing their photos as well.) I didn't see her, and we started to panic a little since I knew they could be coming out at any time. I knew that Nicole would be so disappointed if there weren't pictures of their big exit. I called Ms. answer. Called answer. I knew there must have been something going on, because it was not like Ms. Behrle to be late to something. The videographer showed up, and Sister Isom started asking people to get their phones out to take pictures. We saw Krystal (Nicole's mom) coming around the corner and knew that meant that Nicole and Jordan weren't far behind. Ms. Behrle called me back and Drew, a friend of ours from high school and Ms. Behrle's photo assistant for the day, told us that traffic had been horrible and that they were taking the exit for the temple right then. They were so so close. I let Krystal know, and a few minutes later, Ms. Behrle showed up. Not even seconds later, the door opened and Nicole and Jordan made their exit. Holy cow. Craziness. Later that day, Krystal told me that Nicole and Jordan had been standing on the other side of the doors for about ten minutes because they thought they were automatic doors. In that time while they were waiting, Ms. Behrle was able to show up. Miracle.

One of Ms. Behrle's beautiful photos of Nicole and Jordan. So much happiness!

Some of the bridesmaids. We had to stick around for the bridal shower pictures, and Derek was such a trooper waiting through it all. He walked over to the visitors center to get a temple pamphlet for one of our friends who had been asking questions about it (he's seriously the best) but other than that, just sat and waited for us to be done. He's awesome.

After pictures and before the luncheon, Derek and I popped into downtown Portland to get something from the new Cookie Dough Cafe that just opened. We brought some home for my family and let's just say, it's a good thing we left it in the fridge at my parent's house. Seriously, so good. They didn't have the snickerdoodle flavor in the take home containers, but we sampled it at the shop and it was amazing.

Some of the bridesmaids again...chilling at the Pederson's house during the luncheon. Olive Garden catered, and it was awesome! Derek was so great to just let me chill with my girlfriends for awhile. When I went to find him before we left, I found him and Nicole's brother talking about NBA stuff. He was just fine without me for a little while. :-)

Nicole texted me these identical pictures of us from our different photo shoots with Ms. Behrle. We've been making little comments about how "we're best friends, we do everything together....including getting married." Crazy to see the side by side and realize that hey, we actually did this! Besties forever.

They both fell asleep watching the Mariners game (I think?) at some point during the weekend. Haha.

This picture is from right when we got back to Washington after the wedding weekend. This part of the state is not super pretty (to me) during the day--I really miss the Oregon green! But the sunrises and sunsets are pretty spectacular. To finish off the weekend in Oregon we did a little campfire outside with some of the Ethington kids, ate lots of cookie dough, played badminton (discovered I am terrible at it), ate amazing food from my momma, and relaxed. We had such a good time! Lots of little adventures this summer, and I'm so excited for them.