A Rainy Afternoon

We had the best time ever taking our bride and groom pictures on a typical Oregon evening in April--AKA, with lots of rain and lots of green. I was a little nervous on the drive up that the rain was going to put a wrench in our plans, but everything ended up turning out. And, who am I kidding, I am a total Oregon girl and I loved the look that the rain and the overcast sky did to our pictures. I love that Oregon green!

First, Derek and I got dressed at the house in Colton and did our "first look" moment. I didn't want it to be photographed because I knew we would be pressured to have some kind of big reaction, and I really wanted the moment to be personal and real. And it was! It was a really sweet moment to see each other in our wedding clothes for the first time, and I saw Mom and Megan peeking into the living room to see our reactions while it happened. Derek was so sweet and we hugged and it was just so exciting. Things were starting to get real!

Mom and Dad took some pictures with their cell phones, and then we got in the car to head to meet Ms. Behrle at the post office near Scotts Mills. (our meeting spot before heading up into the mountains for pictures). Megan drove us all around that day and as such a trooper. The rain was coming down more than what we would like for pictures, and Megan was seriously the biggest help. She held the umbrella while Ms. Behrle staged us, set out things for us to stand on, and she probably took the brunt of the water while she was trying to protect us in our wedding clothes. Thankfully, the rain let up after awhile and her job got easier. We were so grateful to her!

It was so much fun to take pictures and laugh with Ms. Behrle and Megan. We had so much fun, and the shoot was really relaxed and easy because of it. It was a little chilly after awhile, but so worth it for the beautiful images we got. After we finished driving around up in the mountains and taking pictures, we followed Ms. Behrle to Silverton and took pictures in front of a blossomy, pink tree that she had in mind. After that, we hugged and thanked Ms. Behrle and drove back home where Mom had prepared a delicious (warm!) dinner of steak and roasted veggies. We were excited about that.

Later that night while we were playing cards around the dining room table, I got a text from Ms. Behrle asking what my email address was. That same night of the shoot, she emailed me a huge batch of photos that she had already edited. Seriously, she is amazing. We ooohed and ahhed over Ms. Behrle's amazing skills as we looked at the photos, and it was just so, so exciting. Such a fun, rainy, adventurous afternoon with a group of really fun people. I hope I always remember it.